Home Alarm Monitoring

  • Basic Phone Line Monitoring


    30-Day Money Back Guarantee
    FREE Expert Install
    Wired or wireless alarm system
    Homeowners Insurance Discounts
    No Long-Term Commitments
    24/7 ULC Alarm/Fire Monitoring
    Telephone line required

    *Based on a 36-month agreement and a one time activation fee. Taxes extra

  • Cellular Monitoring


    30-Day Money Back Guarantee
    Cellular communication to central station
    Works with any wired or wireless alarm
    Homeowners Insurance Discounts
    24/7 ULC Alarm/Fire Monitoring
    No telephone required

I Have a Security System and Not Currently Monitored

If you have a security system already installed in your home, chances are AlarmGarde can connect your system to our ULC monitoring station. Regardless if your system is currently working or maybe in need of an upgrade to get it up and running, we have a monitoring plan that will fit any budget or technology requirement (no phone line, no problem). If needed, AlarmGarde will upgrade your system to provide state of the art security equipment and 24/7 ULC Alarm Monitoring. Usually, these upgrades can cost hundreds of dollars.

I Have a Security System and Currently Monitored

If your system is currently being monitored, then a one time* simple reprogramming of your system is all that is required to deliver our award winning, 24/7 ULC monitoring. If your system is dated and requires an upgrade in order for us to monitor your system, then AlarmGarde has a solution for you. We have a variety of monitoring plans and communication pathways available based on your individual needs. Our goal is to provide each client with the highest level of protection for the least amount of money. We have a 30 day money back guarantee in place to provide a risk free buying experience.

How to Switch to AlarmGarde ….. Easy as 1,2,3!

1.Know your exisiting alarm system

Determine your current alarm manufacturer. Typically, the manufacturer’s name will be on the system Keypad. If you can’t locate the manufacturer’s name, see our Keypads area for help.

2. Determine Your Current Provider

If you have an existing monitoring company, you need to determine when your contract period is over. This information is available on your monitoring contract.

3. Call Us

Simply call AlarmGarde at 1-877-45-ALARM (25276) ext 2, and speak to one of our security consultants who will happily answer your questions and assist in scheduling an appointment to switch to AlarmGarde.

*Certaines entreprises peuvent avoir placé un «Lock» sur votre panneau de contrôle d’alarme vous empêcher de changer les sociétés de surveillance, même si vous êtes propriétaire de votre système d’alarme. Si c’est votre cas, il y aura une seule fois frais de remplacement de changer la carte de circuit dans le panneau d’alarme. Si l’alarme panneau n’est pas “verrouillé”, alors que des frais d’activation seront applicables.

Systems we Monitor

If you already have an alarm system in your home/business that simply needs to be activated or re-activated…then Alarm Garde can help you save money while protecting your home/business and/or loved ones 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.
To determine if your existing alarm system is compatible with Alarm Garde:

1) Determine your existing alarm manufacturer and ownership of your equipment
(typically the manufacturer’s name will be located on the keypad)

2) If you cannot locate the manufacturer’s name

  • Browse our keypads above
  • Email a picture of your keypad to sales@alarmgarde.com
  • E-Mail by completing the quick response in the side bar
  • Or simply call 1-877-45-25276 Ext. 2 to speak to one of our Customer Service Reps

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Tel: 514.819.9760
Tel: 1 877-45-ALARM (25276)
E-mail: sales@alarmgarde.com

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