One of the reasons for installing the best home alarm systems in Montreal is to deter burglars from accessing your home and walking away with your property. Alarm systems are not just for deterring, but they also do a good job in alerting you or the command post on … Read More

Even with powerful and high tech residential alarm systems, it is sad to see how many people still lose packages after they were delivered. There are a plethora of ways families can use to avoid losing deliveries every now and then.  Here are the top methods to help you … Read More

The installation of a smartphone-controlled smart lock into your home literally turns your front door into an impressive hi-tech entry point to your home. When connected with other smart devices, you gain the ability to control and automate alerts and actions that pertain to granting and denying people access to … Read More

A smoke alarm can play a crucial role in helping you and your family get out of the house in time before a fire completely engulfs it. There are different smoke alarm systems and you will have to checkout certain criteria to find the smoke alarm that will be right … Read More

Yard security signs and stickers that indicate your house uses a security alarm system, have proven to be effective, and can scare off thieves. Usually, burglars look for houses where it is easy to get in and escape. But, home alarm systems foil such intentions.

Now the main question is, should … Read More

If you want to prevent car theft or a break-in, then the best thing to do will be to invest in a good car alarm system. In this context, let us look at important features car alarm systems must have to provide effective security against miscreants.
Features Car Alarm Systems … Read More

Wireless home alarm systems are not just a fad in the home security industry, but a development that is here to stay due to the plethora of benefits they have. If you have been hesitant about hooking your home up with a wireless alarm due to the fear of it … Read More

A burglar will not just wake up one morning and hit your home. They are extremely resourceful and methodical, and will always carry out a recon before performing their final strike. As a smart homeowner, it is imperative to recognize a burglar’s tactics, so that you can immediately tell whether … Read More

Installing a reliable home alarm system is without a doubt, one of the best ways to ensure your home is safe from burglars. But in addition to this, there are a few considerations you can make to ensure that the would-be burglars will not be having a free ride … Read More

The popularity of video doorbells is on an upward trend. It features a two-way communication device, a doorbell and a video camera. When installed as part of your home security system, it not only enhances the security of your home, but also comes with a lot of other admirable versatilities. … Read More

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