Keys have been around since the time of ancient Egyptians and with the evolvement of technology, there is no time like the present to upgrade to a smart lock.

With the addition of a smart lock, you will not just enhance the safety of your home by reducing the possibilities of … Read More

To some people, a smart home security system is an unnecessary and costly luxury, but to those who understand the value of their homes and the need to secure it from all forms of intrusion, it is not just a convenience, but a necessity. If you belong to the former … Read More

Summer is almost here, which means many lazy days spent at the cottage.  However, it will be hard to relax if you have to worry about your home security and the possibility of your home getting broken into when you are away.

This is why you need professional home monitoring, so … Read More

Shopping online is relatively easy, but the delivery part can sometimes be tricky. You have the option of staying at home all day, hoping that the package will be delivered or you have to hope that you will find it on your doorstep when it is delivered, while you are … Read More

It is never easy to enjoy your holidays when you have to worry about your home security. But you can reduce the amount of stress you have to go through by installing a smart home security system. Here are the three biggest seasonal stresses that such a system will … Read More

Seasoned burglars will take the least time in your home, in most cases, they will be in and out in less than ten minutes.  Even if you may have a good home security system installed, if they manage to breach it, it is important you make it difficult for … Read More

Burglars like striking when you least expect it, and this is why it is imperative to have a decent home security system to deter and prevent them from accessing your premises. However, there are certain signs or behaviors you could use to tell if you are being targeted by … Read More

Burglaries happen everywhere in the world. In North America, for example, it happens once every 18 seconds. It implies that if you have not invested in a decent home security system, then you could be a target in every passing eighteen seconds. But if you think this is surprising, here … Read More

The yard is a very important aspect of home security, but one, which is usually ignored by most homeowners. Everybody is busy securing their houses with advanced alarm systems, and leaving their yards without any substantial security features, thus making it easy for burglars to access the property, and escape … Read More

Your smoke detectors should quickly alert you to the presence of fire, so that you take the appropriate measures to save lives and property. But when they keep going off when there are no actual fires, it doesn’t just become a nuisance, but also, it may cause you a lot … Read More

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