Positioning your home security cameras is just as important as buying them. You need to make careful considerations to place them in the most strategic locations that will grant you maximum surveillance benefits. To help you out, here are a few suggestions on the best places to install your … Read More

Everyone considering installing a home security system will have many questions and seek explanations for the various systems before they can go ahead and make the installation. Though most of the finer details will be explained by your preferred home security experts, here is a look at the most common … Read More

Burglary and home invasions happen all the time. No home can be said to be completely burglar-proof since the bad guys keep evolving every single day, but as a responsible homeowner, there are certain steps you can take to prevent being targeted by burglars. There are a few home burglary … Read More

It is sad to note that though few fires are reported in Canada, but an average of eight Canadians die every week due to fire accidents. This makes it important for every homeowner to take fire safety tips seriously to reduce the chances of losing life and property, as a … Read More

What makes a home security system smart, and why you need one. Everyone desires to secure their homes with the least amount of effort. You may want to have total control over what is happening back at home, and to know that your family members and property are safe around … Read More

Video door bell is always a sweet addition to your home security. A complete system normally features a camera, a two-way communication system, and a doorbell that lets you see, hear and talk to whoever is at your door. When included as part of your smart home security system, here … Read More

If you watched James Bond movies, then you may be tempted to think that home automation only resides in science fiction films. However, it has now become a reality to many homeowners who desire more than just securing their homes.

Can you imagine getting back to your house and having the … Read More

It is possible to have a complete residential alarm monitoring system without including security cameras. With the right sensors, you can be alerted every time there is an attempted breach at your house, but it is still a good idea to have security cameras installed in various strategic locations around … Read More

It is almost impossible not to worry about the safety and security of your home when you are miles away on a vacation. But with the advancement in technology and the development of robust home alarm monitoring systems, you can reduce the amount of worry or eliminate it completely, using … Read More

These days you can never be sure about how effective your home security system is, until it get tested and breached with a real threat. This is why it is prudent to have as many layers of home security as possible, so that you increase your chance of withstanding any … Read More

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