Q. What is Monitoring?
A. When a monitored security system is activated, it is connected to a monitoring center via the phone line. If a detector goes off while the system is activated, the phone line automatically sends a signal to our monitoring center.

Q. Where is the Monitoring Station Located?
A. Our ULC Monitoring Station is located in Montreal and Throughout Canada.

Q. Why doesn’t my phone work when my alarm goes off?
A. When you arm or disarm your security system, the phone line may be busy for 20 to 50 seconds (depending on the type of system). The system transmits a signal to our monitoring center indicating its status.

Q. What do I do when I contact the monitoring center operator?

  1. Identify yourself using your password or PIN
  2. Give your name.
  3. 3. Describe the reason for your call or the cause of the alarm.

Q. What is the role of the people listed on my call list?
A. When your security system is triggered, an operator dials the number of the protected site. If no one answers or if the person who does answer cannot identify him or herself using a password or PIN, the operator will call the police (depending on your preset instructions) The operator will try to contact a person on your call list. Remember to notify your contact people if you plan to be gone for an extended period. When one of the people listed on your call list arrives at the site after an alarm goes off while you’re gone, they must first check the outside of the premise before entering the protected site. It is strongly recommended to wait until the police arrive before entering the premises. For an effective response, contact people should live near the protected location, have keys to the site, an access code to arm and disarm the alarm system, and a password or PIN to identify themselves. We recommend that you review your call list every year.

Q. Can AlarmGarde monitor without a phone line?
A. Yes…you can add on a Cell Backup (GSM) unit to most security alarm systems without a phone line. Without a Cell Backup unit or an active phone line connected to your alarm there is no communication path between your alarm system and the monitoring station which = NO transmission of data.

Q. Can AlarmGarde monitor my existing alarm system?
A. AlarmGarde can provide our monitoring services to 95% of existing security system. We monitor systems from all of the major equipment manufacturers in our industry, Like DSC, Paradox, GE and ADEMCO being the two most common manufacturers. For a detailed list of systems we can currently switchover, please see the Systems we CAN Monitor section of our website. Alternatively, we can change the existing panel/keypad of your existing system while leaving your contacts, motion sensors and wiring intact.

Q. How much time will it take for your technician to complete the switchover of my existing alarm system?
A. It takes our technicians between 2 to 3 hours from the time they arrive at your home or business to the time they leave. However, in some cases, we may need additional time if your existing system is overly complex or if you require a customized solution to meet your specific needs.

Q. What happens if the power in my area goes out?
A. All alarm systems are equipped with an independent battery backup power source, which immediately kicks in when a power outage occurs. Typically, an emergency battery has enough power to run for several hours, depending on the equipment manufacturer. When the power is restored, the battery immediately begins to recharge itself. Most systems have an auto-alert feature that sends a signal to our Station when the battery begins to run low. When we receive that signal, we will contact you to schedule a service appointment to replace the battery.

Q. What is ULC certification?
A. ULC stands for Underwriters’ Laboratories of Canada (www.ulc.ca). ULC certification indicates that a product or system has been evaluated and tested for compliance under the ULC Canadian standards.

Q. How often should I test my alarm system?
A. It is recommended you test your alarm system once per month. You should fully test your alarm system including each window sensor, door contact and smoke detector to ensure that each component is functioning properly.

Q. What are your rates for service and parts after warranty expires?
A. AlarmGarde service rate for labour is $49.00 per hour plus parts from the time we arrive and commence work.

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