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Home security should be a concern for every homeowner. It is not enough to fit your doors and windows with the ordinary locks and think your home is beyond the reach of burglars and thieves who would be interested in doing some free shopping from it. Since the average burglar ... Read More


Every homeowner wants to have their home security systems working at their best at all times. This is the only way they can be guaranteed around-the-clock protection for their homes. With the home security industry evolving at a fast pace, new technologies come out almost every single day, and there ... Read More


Burglaries to homes and businesses can be inconveniencing and very costly. To reduce the instances of your home getting broken into, it is necessary to install a sound residential alarm system to possibly deter burglars from carrying out their mission.Here is a brief look at some of the residential ... Read More


Home alarms are supposed to keep our place of residence safe and free from threats posed by burglars. However, the systems have certain features which may turn into potential threats and defeat the very reasons they were installed. Here is a look at some of the common ways alarm ... Read More


One of the reasons for installing the best home alarm systems in Montreal is to deter burglars from accessing your home and walking away with your property. Alarm systems are not just for deterring, but they also do a good job in alerting you or the command post on ... Read More


Even with powerful and high tech residential alarm systems, it is sad to see how many people still lose packages after they were delivered. There are a plethora of ways families can use to avoid losing deliveries every now and then.  Here are the top methods to help you ... Read More
video door bell


The popularity of video doorbells is on an upward trend. It features a two-way communication device, a doorbell and a video camera. When installed as part of your home security system, it not only enhances the security of your home, but also comes with a lot of other admirable versatilities. ... Read More


It is sad to note that though few fires are reported in Canada, but an average of eight Canadians die every week due to fire accidents. This makes it important for every homeowner to take fire safety tips seriously to reduce the chances of losing life and property, as a ... Read More
security cameras


It is possible to have a complete residential alarm monitoring system without including security cameras. With the right sensors, you can be alerted every time there is an attempted breach at your house, but it is still a good idea to have security cameras installed in various strategic locations around ... Read More
Security Alarm Keypad With Person Disarming The System With Remote Controller


The internet and advancement in technology have offered peace of mind to millions of homeowners across the world, knowing that their homes will remain safe and secure, even when they are away for many days.You no longer need to hire full time security personnel to watch over your home or ... Read More

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